Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was incorporated in July 2016 with an ambition to become a leading provider of healthcare products and services in India and beyond. The Indian healthcare sector is poised for significant growth in the coming decade driven by rising incomes, enhanced medical infrastructure, rise in the prevalence and treatment of chronic diseases and greater health insurance. Specifically, the Indian pharmaceutical market is projected to grow to USD 55 billion by 20201 from a current estimated size of USD 27 billion and this will take the Indian pharmaceutical market in the top 5 global market both in terms of volume and value. The secular growth of the industry is further bolstered by the commitment of the Indian government to increase access for patients and provide benefits for investments in manufacturing and research and development for the manufacturers.

The Indiabulls Group was founded in 1999 and is a leading business conglomerate in the country with businesses spanning the financial services, real state, infrastructure, consumer durables, retail, and travel sectors. In each of the sector that Indiabulls participates in it has established itself as a leading player in a short span of 16 years. This comes on the back of a bold vision, a committed and energetic team, strong execution capabilities and a commitment to innovation, which the group has consistently demonstrated over time and across the businesses it participates in. The group is also firmly committed to giving back to the community through the charitable work done by the Indiabulls Foundation. We now bring this demonstrated strength and commitment to revolutionize the Indian healthcare sector as well through our Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals business.

Our pharmaceuticals business’ aspiration is to be a leading patient and physician centric, best in class, healthcare company. Our segments will span both products and services and across prescription and consumer healthcare markets. With a firm commitment to product development and research, our over 350 products bring many first time in India formulations and devices that address patient’s unmet needs and our network of 35+ GMP certified manufacturing facilities bring the highest quality products at affordable prices.

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